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Compressor Parts and Packing

Compressor Piston & Rod Assemby - Exline, Inc.

Compressor Piston & Rod Assemby


Engine Makes

Exline, Inc. offers a wide selection of new and re-manufactured products for several compressor makes such as:

  • Clark
  • Cooper-Bessemer
  • Fairbanks Morse
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Worthington
  • White-Superior
  • Nordberg
  • Waukesha



Exline, Inc.'s re-manufacturing processes offer the following benefits:


  • Often times yield a product that is superior to what is available from the OEM.
  • Many times offer significantly reduced lead times as compared to the OEM.
Compressor Re-placement Parts - Exline, Inc.

Compressor Re-placement Parts

Major Compressor Components

Exline, Inc. offers a wide selection of new and re-manufactured products for Compressors such as:


  • Compressor Cylinders
  • Compressor Rods
  • Compressor Connecting Rods
  • Compressor Pistons
  • Packing Cases
  • Compressor Liners
  • Rider Bands
  • Piston Rings
Packing Cases - Exline, Inc.

Packing Cases

Compressor Packing


Exline Inc has developed an upgraded process to greatly reduce gas leakage at the compressor pressure packing case area.  Due to an ongoing and increased awareness of “Greenhouse gas emissions
 improvements have led to noticeable results following a higher level of precision specification and as much as 50% tighter tolerances of the restoring of size and finish on compressor rods, and packing cases. 


Exline can re-establish the size, hardness, and finish of compressor rods through the use of our thermex thermal spray coatings to extend the life of the packing case area of the rod.

Exline’s state of the art packing case station includes the very latest in lapping capabilities and an inspection system to produce packing cup segment flatness to less than 3 light bands (34.5 millionths of an inch).