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High-Speed Engine


It's Simple - It's Fast - It Keeps you Running!


With our High Speed Engine Exchange Program, Exline comes to you with an engine that has been certified by our qualified mechanics.  We swap out your old engine with an overhauled engine, perform a field test, and take the old engine away.

High-Speed Engine Exchange  - Exline, Inc.

High-Speed Engine Exchange

High-Speed Engine Exchange Program

  • Exline maintains an inventory of high-speed engines which have been overhauled by our qualified mechanics.


  • A current inventory can be obtained by contacting your Exline Region manager or calling us directly at (800) 255-0111.


  • All Exline Engine Program Engines carry our extensive One Year Warranty.


  • Once a match has been established between your needs and our current inventory selection, we can get the exchange process started.


  • The Exline On-site crews will deliver the replacement engine direct to your site and pick up your engine in the same visit.


  • The Engine Exchange process is usually completed in 5 working days:
    • Exline crews remove your old engine from service
    • Exline crews install the replacement engine
    • Exline crews perform a field run-test.


  • Your old engine is returned to our shop for disassembly, inspection, and evaluation.  Within 30 days, Exline will provide a written assessment of the costs associated with re-building the used engine and returning ot to OEM specifications.



HIgh-Speed Engine Overhaul Process

These is what our Our High Speed Engine Overhaul Process consists of:


  • Engine is completely disassembled, block split & inspected for wear, defects, or damage.
  • Crankshafts & Camshafts are removed, inspected, and polished.
  • Turbo Chargers are completely rebuilt with new bearings and seals.
  • Carburetors are completely rebuilt
  • Manifolds, Air coolers & Oil coolers are vat-cleaned, inspected and pressure-tested.
  • All Auxiliary drives, drive gears, bearings, bushings, chains, and sprockets are inspected and replaced (as needed).
  • Governors, linkages, and starters are completely rebuilt.
  • All bearings, bushings, rings, pistons, and liners are replaced with OEM parts.
  • Heads are inspected, disassembled and vat-cleaned.
  • New valves, new seats, and guides are installed.
  • Rocker Arm bushings are replaced.
  • Connecting Rod bushings are replaced.
  • All gaskets, seals, hoses, and belts are replaced.
  • Vibration damper is replaced.
  • Engine is re-assembled and non-load tested.

Additional Services

  • Exline offers on-site repair and overhauls for both High-Speed and Slow-Speed Engines from all manufacturers.


  • Exline offers on-site repairs and overhauls to Compressors from all manufacturers.
Waukesha High Speed Engine - Exline, Inc.

Waukesha High Speed Engine

Engine Types

Exline Rebuilds and Exchanges the following types of High Speed Engines:


  • Waukesha
  • Caterpillar
  • White Superior