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In-House Services

Exline provides Repair and Manufacturing Services for the following types of equipment and parts:

Press - Exline, Inc.


Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses

  • Inspection
  • Disassembly & Reassembly
  • Rebuilding of Cylinders, Columns, and Rams
  • Restoration of Tooling
  • Manufacturing of new Tooling
  • Machining of worn components

Printing Presses

  • Inspection
  • Disassembly & Re-assembly
  • Repair cylinder surfaces
  • Repair bearing surfaces
Shaft Coated with ThermEx® Thermal Spray - Exline, Inc.

Shaft Coated with ThermEx® Thermal Spray

Rotors, Shafts, Large Fans, Impellers, and Housings

  • Inspect, repair, and coat with ThermEx® Thermal Spray
  • Rebuild or manufacture new
  • Computer precision balancing of all rotating elements