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Engine Protective Devices

Exline Protective Devices - Exline, Inc.

Exline Protective Devices


Exline, Inc. installs monitoring systems and safety devices in all types of equipment.  Our own Exline manufactured pneumatic or electronic Protective devices can be used to signal trouble or initiate shutdown when excessive wear or high temperature endangers equipment.


Protective Devices

Exline, Inc. Protective Devices include:

  • Stationary Sensor
  • Striker Sensor
  • Stationary Striker Sensor Assembly
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor
  • Thermowell
  • Compressor Rod Drop Indicator
  • Trip Valve
  • Over-Travel Indicator
  • Dual Sensor Assembly
  • Roller Type Wear Detector
  • Vented Rolled-type Wear Detector
  • Positive Flow Indicator
  • Electronic Compressor Rod Drop Indicator
  • Electrical Temperature Sensor Assembly
  • Electronic Devices Stationary/Thermowell
  • Electronic Trip Switch

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Exline, Inc.'s highly experienced Engine Controls Technical Crews are equipped with fully outfitted mobile service centers to travel to any area of the United States.