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Nordberg Engine


Exline, Inc. is proud to be the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Nordberg Engine Genuine Parts.  Exline offers a complete line of parts for both two and four cycle systems.  Unlike other companies who claim to supply Nordberg parts, Exline is the only Original Equipment Manufacturer, with the ability to supply parts in specification with original drawings and technical requirements.  Exline provides replacement wearing and component parts for all models of Nordberg engines.  Exline also offers a highly trained technical staff and field service crew to assist with any questions you may have regarding your Nordberg engine, from startup to preventative maintenance and overhaul services.  


 Nordberg Engine Genuine Replacement Parts - Exline, Inc.

Nordberg Engine Genuine Replacement Parts

Nordberg Replacement Parts

Exline, Inc. is the ONLY OEM supplying replacement parts for Nordberg engines in specification with original drawings and technical requirements.  Most component parts are in stock and available for immediate delivery.


Here are some of the replacement parts that Exline offers:

Nordberg Power Cylinder Heads - Exline, Inc.

Nordberg Power Cylinder Heads

Power Cylinder Heads

Each Nordberg power cylinder head is disassembled, cleaned, dimensionally inspected and documented, Non-destructive tested for indications, pressure tested, machined, and has new OEM parts installed.  All new components for the power cylinder heads are in stock and readily available for shipment.  A variety of complete cylinder heads are stocked for immediate shipment.

Nordberg Power Cylinder Liners - Exline, Inc.

Nordberg Power Cylinder Liners

Power Cylinders and Cylinder Liners

Exline inventories new power cylinder liners for all Nordberg FS & TS engines. 

Nordberg Power Pistons - Exline, Inc.

Nordberg Power Pistons

Power Pistons

Exline can provide new, re-conditioned power pistons, or provide repair and return service for all Nordberg power pistons. All re-conditioned power pistons are cleaned, inspected, and Non-destructive tested for indications.  All necessary repair procedures are performed to OEM specifications made to requalify the piston for service.

Nordberg Fuel Pump - Exline, Inc.

Nordberg Fuel Pump

Fuel Pumps

Services provided by Exline for Nordberg fuel pumps are repair and return or exchange.  All new components for the fuel pumps are in stock and readily available for shipment.  Each pump goes through an extensive inspection process and new parts are used during the re-assembly.  Each pump is calibrated for the specific application.  

Nordberg Connecting Rods - Exline, Inc.

Nordberg Connecting Rods

Power Rods

Exline can manufacture new or re-condition all Nordberg power connecting rods.  The re-condition process includes cleaning, Non-destructive testing for indications, inspection for straightness (bend/twist), clip and bore crankeye, restore wrist pin bore to standard, new studs and nuts.  An assortment of re-conditioned power rods are currently in stock.

Nordberg Piston Rings - Exline, Inc.

Nordberg Piston Rings

Piston rings

Exline inventories all power piston rings for either cast iron or chrome plated liners for all Nordberg engines.  Rings can be purchased as complete sets or individually.

Nordberg cam lobes - Exline, Inc.

Nordberg cam lobes

Cam lobes

Exline can provide new split design cam lobes for all Nordberg engines. 

New Bearings and Bushings - Exline, Inc.

New Bearings and Bushings

Bearings and Bushings

Exline understands that bearings are a very valuable part of the engine, therefore, all Nordberg bearings from main and connecting rod bearings to camshaft bearings are stocked and inventoried for immediate shipment.

Nordberg gaskets - Exline, Inc.

Nordberg gaskets


Exline inventories a wide range of gaskets for all Nordberg engine requirements.


Other replacement parts

Exline also provides the following replacement parts:


  • Cylinder Head Assembly parts (Valves, Guides, Seats)
  • Piston pins
  • Expansion joints
  • Turbo charger and Turbocharger Component Parts
  • Filters
Nordberg Engine Technical Support  - Exline, Inc.

Nordberg Engine Technical Support

Nordberg Repair and Maintenance Services

Exline offers a highly trained technical staff and field service crew to assist you with questions relating to the following Nordberg engine needs:


  • Engine Start-up
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Overhauls
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Technical Support