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Services for Municipalities

Power Plant - Exline, Inc.

Power Plant


Services for Municipalities

Exline, Inc. Municipalities services include industrial repair and technical support for Municipal power generation plants and water treatment plants. Our industrial repair services can be performed on-site at customer locations, or at our Industrial facility located in Salina, Kansas.  Exline also provides inspection, preventative maintenance, and technical support.  


Power Generation Facilities

Whether you need assistance to repair components or you need emergency assistance when your city's power goes out, our team of expert mechanics, repairmen, and customer service representatives are here to help.  Our crews are ready to troubleshoot existing equipment, replace and install parts, and conduct routine maintenance to keep your community running efficiently.  We provide field service maintenance and repair, and parts repair and manufacturing. 


At Exline, we also have the large shop capabilities to install, repair, and maintain your power generation needs.  Wherever and whenever you need assistance, Exline's crews are ready to get your engine up and running.


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Power Cylinder - Exline, Inc.

Power Cylinder

Power Generation Engine Repair

Exline repairs engines and engine components for power generation facilities.  Exline provides services for the repair and overhaul of engines of every make and model.  Exline also manufactures new or provides repair services for these major engine components:


Power Cylinders

Power Connecting Rods

Power Pistons

Power Cylinder Heads


Nordberg Engine - Exline, Inc.

Nordberg Engine

Nordberg Engines

Many power generation facilities are powered by Nordberg engines.  As the OEM for Nordberg engines worldwide, Exline, is the best choice for genuine Nordberg engine replacement parts and technical services.  Exline provides the following OEM quality replacment parts for Nordberg engines:


  • Power Cylinder Heads
  • Power Cylinders and Power Cylinder Liners
  • Power Pistons and Piston pins
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Power Connecting Rods
  • Piston Rings
  • Cam lobes
  • Bearings and Bushings
  • Gaskets
  • Valves, Guides, and Seats
  • TurboCharger and TurboCharger component parts
  • Filters

Water Treatment Plants

Exline provides industrial repair and support services for both fresh water and wastewater treatment plants, as well as sewage treatment plants.   We repair water reclamation equipment such as pumps, impellers, and sleeves, either on site at customer locations, or at our industrial facility in Salina, Kansas.  Our Exline Express trucks can provide transportation services to our facility and back to customer locations if needed.   


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Impeller coated with thermal spray - Exline, Inc.

Impeller coated with thermal spray


Exline replaces sleeves for impellers and pumps.  Exline repairs or re-manufactures impellers using machining and thermal spray copating.   Thermal spray coatings restore worn parts to "like new" condition.

Before and After Sleeves - Exline, Inc.

Before and After Sleeves


Exline repairs sleeves by thermal spray coating them with a variety of repairable materials.   Thermal spray coatings help restore worn parts and bring them back to "like new" condition.

Pumps - Exline, Inc.



Exline re-conditions a broad range of industrial equipment.  Our technicians repair and re-surface pump housings, rotors, shafts, diverter valves, and other rotating equipment which become damaged due to wear.