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In-House Repair & Manufacturing Services

Exline Inc Power Generation Repair & Manufacturing In-House Services - Exline, Inc.

Exline Inc Power Generation Repair & Manufacturing In-House Services


At our Exline facilities, we provide services for the Re-Machine, Re-Manufacture or Manufacture New, or Overhaul, and Inspection of the following:

Power Cylinders - Exline, Inc.

Power Cylinders

Power Cylinders

Restore bores with ThermEx® or ThermAlloy® spray coatings, resize, line bore, resleeve, hone, or grind.  We repair cracks, seal areas, and valve seals.   We perform Non-destructive testing (NDT), Hydro-static testing, and restore all stud bolt holes.  In addition to cylinder repair, we also manufacture new 4-cycle liners. 

Connecting Rods - Exline, Inc.

Connecting Rods

Power Connecting Rods

Restore crank, pin eyes, and thrust faces.  Coat with ThermEx® Thermal Spray coatings, and perform Non-destructive testing (NDT).  We rebuild or manufacture new, and provide and install new bushings. 

PIston skirts - Exline, Inc.

PIston skirts

Power Pistons

We restore piston skirts with ThermEx® thermal spray coatings, and restore bores of piston pin inserts.  We perform non-destructive testing (NDT).

Cylinder Head - Exline, Inc.

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Heads

We restore critical surfaces, provide and install new components and perform non-destructive testing (NDT). 

TurboCharger - Exline, Inc.



Exline, Inc. has partnered with Exterran Turbo to provide turbocharger overhaul services.  Exline continues to apply ThermEx thermal spray coatings and manufacture new turbo charger parts at their industrial facility in Salina, KS.  Turbocharger re-manufacturing and testing services are provided by Exterrran at their McPherson KS faciility, with Exline performing the turbocharger removal and installation services. 



Wrist Pins

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Restore running surface with chrome-plating
  • Manufacture new with chrome-plated running surface